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5 reasons to do a hair transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey has the greatest hair transplant know-how

What are you waiting for to go for a hair transplant in Turkey?
Turkey and especially Istanbul has positioned itself as the world capital for hair transplantation. Turkish doctors have developed a unique expertise in hair transplantation and have become experts in FUE transplant and more recently DHI (direct hair implantation). Thousands see their lives changed thanks to Turkish know-how.


Contrary to popular belief, Istanbul is an ultra modern city. The specialized hair transplant clinics are at the forefront of technology in this area and are constantly innovating to offer you a high quality hair transplant.


The specialized hair transplant clinics have developed a network of hotels and service providers that will make you have an incredible stay. During your stay, you will be taken care of as soon as you arrive at the airport and you will stay in a luxury hotel for your comfort. You will be accompanied during your stay is accompanied by a translator during your consultations. 

Are you ready for your hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair restoration at an affordable price

Turkish clinics offer prices on average 50% cheaper than elsewhere for unparalleled quality. The hair transplant is now available to everyone from 1200 euros for a FUE transplant. In France, the first prices are 4000 euros! Difficult to find a beautiful dense hair at this price. 

The beauty of Istanbul

Istanbul is a beautiful city straddling Europe and Asia, rich in history and culture. You can enjoy discovering the city a few days before your hair transplant operation. The mosques and palaces are among the monuments to visit. Istanbul also has a wealth of museums that will make you discover the incredible history of this city.

There are more than 300 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. We choose the best partners in town to give you the best offers for your hair transplant.
You can trust Hair Transplant Specialist to recommend you high quality clinics!

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